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We at Plungepacker have many years of experience working in the Engineering/Maintenance sector of hospitality. Numerous years ago it came to our attention that standard practice in many hotels, and other facilities, for transporting plungers throughout the facility was using no carrier – or as an “upgrade” – using a plastic bag. This obviously poses many hygiene and health issues. With the increasing spread of disease and bacteria a growing focus throughout the world, this standard practice is remarkable. At Plungepacker we have come up with a professional alternative to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading throughout the facility. This product will allow the performance of a necessary maintenance function to be done in a hygienic and safety conscious way.

Product Description

A durable plastic plunger holder with a clam-shell type lid that uses levers to open and close automatically. Lid is held closed by the carrying handle when transporting. Clean and professional appearance.

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